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The History of Hydroponics

This past October, Maximum Yield magazine brought its world renowned Indoor Gardening Expo to Long Beach for the first time. And as was customary with the annual San Francisco show, BGH was asked to provide an "Education Station" booth. Normally we would set up a booth of several complete growing systems as a way to educate attendees on hydroponic systems and methods. For the Long Beach show we decided to do something a little different. We left the HID lights and grow tents at home and instead, put together a booth that showcased the History of Hydroponics. The BGH team put in over a hundred and forty hours and consulted over 25 major organizations and companies all over the world. We reached out to numerous other sources when researching this topic, and many of our findings were surprising, even to us.

The history of hydroponics is deep and rich. Spanning thousands of years, hydroponic gardening has stood as proof of mankind's ingenuity and fortitude when faced with less than ideal growing conditions and hungry mouths to feed. What most of us today consider merely a hobby has been at the forefront of the advancements of civilization for several millennium. Come take a closer look with us at the vast and surprising History of Hydroponics!