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SoCal Tradeshow Wrapups

Southern California October Trade Show Wrap-ups

Urban Garden GROW 2010:

Following the tremendous success of their Manchester, UK show, Urban Garden Magazine decided to bring GROW 2010 to the Los Angeles Convention Center on October 1st & 2nd. Marking the first of many hydroponic & indoor gardening expo’s to hit the Los Angeles area in the years to come, GROW 2010 was a blast with over 100 different exhibitors, workshops, guest speakers and presentations.

Friday Oct 1st; it was a bright and sunny day in LA. It was also opening day at GROW 2010. Walking into the Los Angeles Convention Center you couldn’t help but feel the excitement in the air. Huge banners over the doorways welcomed you into the convention and the lobby was bustling with attendees waiting for the doors to be opened. The first day of the convention was limited to industry-only participants while the second day, deemed “Grower Day”, was open to the general public. After a short wait, the doors finally open - and we’re in!!!

It’s always exciting to walk into one of these expos and be taken away by the magnitude of the vendor’s booths; each one trying to outdo the next with large-scale product demos, tons of information, raffles, prizes and an amazing amount of free samples. Some even boasted DJ booths, games, free food and drinks as well as plenty of sweet lounge spaces to take a load off from carrying around all those samples (I had to make 4 separate trips back to my car the first day alone because I picked up so much schwag!).

Some of the more notable booths were from the hydroponic big dogs like Botanicare, General Hydro, Sunlight Supply, Can-Fan, C.A.P. (Custom Automated Products), Lumatek, Humboldt Nutrients and many more. However, possibly the most impressive displays were in the Education Arena. Several manufacturers collaborated to set up a handful of intricate and technologically advanced grow rooms ranging in size from a few plants to many. Completely encased in Plexiglas, the gardens acted as the grounds for attendees to gain some extra knowledge while also keeping up to date on the latest and greatest the hydro world has to offer.

The BGHydro boys did a couple of workshops (myself included) on Grower Day in the Education Arena. It was nice to be at a show that was so dedicated to education and advancement and not just new and hot products. We also had a few give-a-ways on Grower Day and there were plenty of BGHydro shirts in the crowd. Overall, GROW 2010 was a fantastic show and I was grateful for the chance to meet a lot of new faces in the hydro world as well as reconnect with many old friends in the industry.

Maximum Yield Indoor Gardening Expo:

Maximum Yield Magazine, long heralded as the biggest Hydro magazine in North America and the force behind the premiere annual hydro expo in San Francisco, decided to bring their Indoor Gardening Expo to the Long Beach Convention Center on Oct 16th & 17th.

BGHydro once again sponsored the Education Station (as we do every year) and we decided to dedicate this year’s booth to the History of Hydroponics. Many people from both inside and outside the industry came by and marveled at the beautiful artwork and informative presentation. The history timeline spanned from the Hanging Gardens of Babylon in 600 BC to modern hydroponic systems of today to the future of hydroponics. Many were amazed at just how rich the history of hydroponics is. Also featured on display was one of the Hydroponic Growing Chambers that BGH was commissioned to design for the SLS Hotel in Beverly Hills. This breathtaking and original work of art (a true museum piece that cost $20K to design and build) that was filled with lettuce from our commercial hydroponic farm (Living Lettuce Farms) captured the attention of just about every person that walked into the show. We did some give-a-ways and the Clipper Girls came out to lend us a hand and cheer on the winners!

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Many new and unique products were on display from many different vendors. As is to be expected, there were plenty of free samples making their way into the hands of the masses who showed up on Sunday the 17th for the public day. Some of the more notable vendors were Hydrologic, showing off their new reverse osmosis systems, Dutch Master, Can-Fan and Sunlight Supply.

Once again, this show was a great chance to see some of the new and old faces in the hydro industry.