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New Product: BioBizz BioHeaven

BioHeaven is a specially formulated Plant Energy booster which contains carefully selected biological stimulants, such as amino-acids. Amino-acids are the basic building blocks for the proteins and enzymes, which are essential to the structure and the metabolism of plants.

As a result, BioHeaven enhances utilization and translocation of nutrients in fertilizer blends & foliars and boosts up the anti-oxidant system of the plant, rids the plant of toxins built up during periods of stress, repairs chlorophyll and re-stimulates the plant.

The L-amino acids used by BioBizz for BioHeaven are extracted from soybean cake and other organic protein sources via enzymatic hydrolysis and fermentation. This process ensures the amino acids to be extracted in L-form, the only absorbed and used by plants. Besides the L-amino acids, BioHeaven contains natural aged humus, one of the most versatile components in soil environments. This component, in combination with other operative substances in BioHeaven, increases extremely the quantity of minerals in the soil. Normally, the percentage of minerals uptake lies around the 5-10%, the substances within BioHeaven can raise it up to 95%.

These processes stimulated by BioHeaven enhance the availability of nutritionally important trace elements, which are capable of entering plant cells.


  • Highly concentrated.
  • Rapid and complete uptake of the key nutrients.
  • Accelerated chelation of essential macro and micro nutrients.
  • Improves yield and quality of harvest.
  • Improves moisture retention in plants and reduce moisture stress.
  • Stimulates enzymatic systems in plants to increase plant respiration.
  • Provides a valuable source of carbon for soil micro-organisms.
  • Compatible with all fertilizer programs/ brands, both biological biomineral or synthetic.
  • For every system SOIL, HYDRO and AEROPONICS!

2 - 5 ml per liter. Start using in the second week of grow. Stop using two weeks before harvest.


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New Enhancer Series from FoxFarm – Bushdoctor

Bushdoctor Kangaroots is a liquid root drench formulation designed to enhance the proliferation or root mass development for both primary and secondary roots. Organic and Natural, Kangaroots contains nutrition specifically designed to be instantly available for roots to absorb at optimal levels. Kangaroots also contains concentrated amounts of microbes designed for hosting not only directly on the roots, but in the soil around them. Kangaroots also contains all essential macro and micronutrients that a plant needs to thrive. Can be used in both hydroponic and soil applications.

Microbe Brew
Bushdoctor Microbe Brew is a liquid suspension with complex blend of ingredients specially formulated to help plants achieve optimum microbial habitats at the rhizosphere or root zone environment. Microbe Brew contains concentrated amounts of fungi and bacteria spores that will inoculate large populations at a rapid pace. Microbe Brew also contains macro and micronutrients that feed not only the plant, but also ingredients specially formulated to feed the actual microbial population. Organic and Natural, Microbe Brew will satisfy your plant and soil's thirst with the nutritional cocktail they deserve. Can be used in both hydroponic and soil applications.

Bushdoctor Sledgehammer is a unique rinse formula designed to remove excess fertilizer buildup and encourage water movement through soil and soilless mediums. Sledgehammer helps release surface tension in the soil which will allow optimal absorption of moisture and nutrition through the plant's root system. Derived from Saponin, an extract from Yucca, Sledgehammer is Organic and Natural and can be used both hydroponic and soil applications.



New Product: Rapid Start Rooting Enhancer by General Hydro


  • Explosive new root formation and root development on cuttings
  • Increases root length, root branching, and number of fine root hairs
  • Greater amounts of root mass aids in nutrient uptake
  • Reduces stress in early plant development
  • Bulking agent
  • Vitality booster
  • Will not stain or leave a film on roots
  • Compare to products such as Canna Rhizotonic and House & Garden Root Excelurator



A dynamic Root Stimulator and Stress Reliever

Rhizotonic is my favorite root stimulator; it is also the fundamental additive of Canna’s full line of professional nutrient solutions. Canna’s motto is “Quality proves itself” and growers worldwide couldn't agree more . Rhizotonic is primarily used as a stimulator for new roots. Rhizotonic works well as a foliar spray feeding for fresh cuttings; also, if you happen to stress out your plants, Rhizotonic can aid your plant in the recovery process using the foliar or root zone feeding method.


David Lloyd’s Simplicity Method for Successful Hydroponic Cultivation

With over 80 years of combined knowledge and experience with indoor gardening, the BGH staff has the best knowledge available to help you find solutions to fit any and all of your gardening needs.  Featuring an article by David Lloyd, BGH store manager. Beginning his hydroponic career in 2002, Lloyd will be sharing with you his “simplicity method” for successful hydroponic cultivation, which he has proven and refined over years of hydroponic expertise.

David Lloyd’s Simplicity Method

“I’ve been growing for a long time. I’ve been fortunate enough to have dealt with a lot of different nutrient regimens, hydro systems, lighting systems, techniques and just about every indoor gardening tool to come out in the last 8 years. The one thing that I’ve been lead back to during all of that time is this: “Simplicity is the Key”. If you are anything like me, you don’t want to buy any more than what you need. One thing I can’t stand in my garden is 10-15 different bottles of nutrients that I rarely use and have essentially wasted my money on.”


New Arrival – Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer by Botanicare

New Arrival!

Hydroplex BLOOM Maximizer

Hydroplex BLOOM Maximizer

Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer
is a premium plant nutrient supplement formulated to push your crops to their limits. Hydroplex contains optimum levels of potassium and phosphorus to encourage rapid bud formation and amplified flower size. In addition, Hydroplex contains a vast array of the essential amino acids involved in the transfer of ribonucleic acids (t-RNAs) and DNA synthesis; high potency vitamins; and a broad range of trace minerals.

Hydroplex 0-10-6 Bloom Maximizer, now includes a broader range of amino acids, more trace minerals, and more select, beneficial vitamins. Use Hydroplex in conjunction with any base bloom nutrient to maximize the yield potential of fruiting and flowering plants. Though most standard PK boosters are structured to create larger fruits and flowers, Hydroplex Bloom Maximizer surpasses that standard by both increasing plants resistance to external stresses and amplifying natural enzyme, chlorophyll, and essential oil production.

During the fruiting/flowering phase, use 1/2 teaspoon - 1 teaspoon (2-5 ml) per gallon (4 liter) of water depending on overall health of plants.