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David Lloyd’s Simplicity Method for Successful Hydroponic Cultivation

With over 80 years of combined knowledge and experience with indoor gardening, the BGH staff has the best knowledge available to help you find solutions to fit any and all of your gardening needs.  Featuring an article by David Lloyd, BGH store manager. Beginning his hydroponic career in 2002, Lloyd will be sharing with you his “simplicity method” for successful hydroponic cultivation, which he has proven and refined over years of hydroponic expertise.

David Lloyd’s Simplicity Method

“I’ve been growing for a long time. I’ve been fortunate enough to have dealt with a lot of different nutrient regimens, hydro systems, lighting systems, techniques and just about every indoor gardening tool to come out in the last 8 years. The one thing that I’ve been lead back to during all of that time is this: “Simplicity is the Key”. If you are anything like me, you don’t want to buy any more than what you need. One thing I can’t stand in my garden is 10-15 different bottles of nutrients that I rarely use and have essentially wasted my money on.”