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Custom Cutouts For Your Net Pots

Custom Cutouts For Your Net Pots

Let’s say you want to use a net pot in your Deep Water Culture system, and you want a precision fit at an exact point on your net pot. Here's a way to obtain that custom cutout for your favorite net pot with no guesswork. You'll need a flexible tape measure (or a string), a straight ruler and a simple drafting compass.

  1. First, measure the circumference at the desired point on your net pot with a tape measure or a string. Divide by 6.28. This number is the radius of your circle cutout.
  2. Open up the compass so that the measurement on the compass is equal to the number you just calculated. Alternatively, you can open up the compass so that the steel point of the compass is at zero on the straight ruler and the pencil point of the compass is at the number you just calculated(also on the straight ruler).
  3. With the compass set to the correct measurement, you can now draw a circle that will fit the net pot perfectly at the exact point that you measured. This template can be used to draw custom cutouts with no guesswork!


This method works by using the circle formula:                                                       c = 3.14 *d
This is the same thing as saying:                  d = c/3.14
Since 2r = d,                                               2r = c/3.14   So,                                                             r = c/6.28

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