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BGH’s Top 10 New Products of 2011

Top 10 of 2011

2011 is over and what a long, strange trip -- well, you probably know how the rest of the song goes. Either way, it was a good year.

While outdoor growers usually measure the quality of the year in terms of weather and harvest size, the indoor grower can evaluate success in terms of how new technology and products speed up and simplify the time and labor it takes to bring a crop from seed to scale. Dozens of new products released in 2011 were definitely good for that.

To help sort through the clutter, we asked our BetterGrow Hydro sales and technical support staff to name the second annual Top 10 New Products of the Year.


10. Centurion PRO - Leaf Trimmer

CenturionPRO - Leaf Trimmer

Our last pick for best new item of the year happens to be last automated leaf trimmer a grower will ever need: The Centurion PRO, which has revolutionized the world of post-harvest processing. A new and improved version of the Centurion, the trimmer that started it all and gave rise to a number of imitators, the new Centurion PRO is designed to give the cleanest, closest cut in less time -- and for less money, since it is half the cost of competing trimmers. A D2 hardened steel blade that holds its edge 50 times longer than the competitor's blade is at the core of this machine, and the blade is held in place with a patent pending rare earth magnet system that makes adjustment and maintenance a simple task.




9. Hi-E Dry 195 - Commercial Dehumidifier

Hi-E Dry 195 - Commercial DehumidifierMost dehumidifiers can't handle the amount of moisture produced in a modern grow room. But the Hi-E Dry 195 can. Capable of removing 195 pints of water from the air per day, the Hi-E Dry 195 is also very efficient, drawing 12 amps while removing nearly 6 pints per kilowatt hour of electricity -- almost twice the industry standard rate. Plus, the Hi-E Dry also has a strong condensate pump capable of lifting condensate 17 feet from the unit.




8. Botanicare Low Tide Trays

Botanicare Low Tide Tray Less is more, right? So why would you need a flood tray with 6" or 7" sides if you plan on using a drip or hand water system and only need the tray to catch runoff and return it to the reservoir or send it down the drain? Answer: You don't, especially since Botanicare's Low Tide Trays hit the market. With 3.5" sidewalls and sturdy construction, Low Tide Trays are perfect for drip systems or hand-watering, cost less than their taller counterparts and come in 3'x3', 4'x4', 2'x8' and 4'x8' sizes.




7. Can-Lite Carbon Filters

Can-Lite Carbon FilterCarbon filters are the most reliable and effective way to remove grow room odors. But the weight of most larger filters makes it difficult to hang them near the top of the grow room or grow tent where heat builds up. It can also be costly to have larger, heavy filters shipped. But the new line of Can-Lite carbon filters, available in 6", 8", 10", 12" and 14" models, changed all that. Can-Lite filters weigh considerably less than standard carbon filters of the same size yet are just as effective at removing odors. Additionally, Can-Lite filters come with a built-in flange and last up to 2.5 years.




6. Dust Shroom 10" and 12"

Dust ShroomYour garden is only as good as what you put into it, so why let your exhaust system bring in mold, insects, dirt, dust and other debris? Before the arrival of Horti-Control's Dust Shroom 10" and 12" models, growers wth large centrifugal fans relied on airflow-killing HEPA filters, pantyhose or worse to keep the dirt of the outside world from reaching their gardens and the insides of reflectors. But these larger Dust Shroom models give growers the ability to trap 99.9 percent of particles without any CFM loss, a combination that sets the Dust Shroom apart from other air filtration devices. The Dust Shroom, also available in 4", 6", and 8" models, is both washable and reusable to help keep your garden clean for years to come.




5. Evolution RO1000 - 1000 GPD Reverse Osmosis System

Evolution RO1000 - 1000 GPD RO SystemOf all the things a hydroponic or organic garden needs, an ample and steady source of clean water is probably the most important. Hydrologic's Evolution RO 1000 reverse osmosis system delivers that in spades, producing 1,000 gallons of low-TDS water per day. By itself, the Evolution RO 1000 and its KDF/Catalytic Carbon prefilter reduces total dissolved solids by 95 percent while conserving more water than comparable systems with its 2:1 waste-to-pure water rejection ratio. Pair the Evolution RO 1000 with the Pre-Evolution 1000, which adds two additional stages of KDF/carbon filtration, to remove even more contaminants and keep the system running cleaner and longer. The Pre-Evolution is recommended for anyone using upwards of 150 gallons of water per week.




4. APE 2.0 - Agricultural Pollen Extractor

APE 2.0 - Agricultural Pollen ExtractorAs growers, we all try to get the most of our crop -- and now there is an 800-pound gorilla here to help us out. The APE 2.0 Agricultural Pollen Extractor makes it simple to harvest pollen from leftover plant material. Just load the 160-gram capacity quick-fill barrel with material, close the hood and let ‘er rip. Within seconds the pollen will start filtering through the 220-micron screen and begin collecting on the tempered glass catch tray below. A 180-micron screen is available for those seeking to collect highly refined pollen. Best of all, this heavyweight extractor only weighs in at only 21 pounds, making it easy to take it wherever it needs to be.




3. Gro-Smart Tray - 78 cell

Gro-Smart TrayStarting seeds and clones in rockwool got a whole lot easier in 2011 with the introduction of Grodan's 78-cell Gro-Smart Tray. With one side designed with slots to fit Macroplugs and A-OK Starter Plugs and the other with mesh to hold Mini-Blocks and Gro-Blocks, the Gro-Smart Tray helps eliminate some of the common difficulties of propagating in rockwool, such as wet feet and inadequate air circulation, by slightly elevating the rockwool. The Gro-Smart Tray not only fits perfectly inside a seedling tray, but is also study enough to be reused many times and is even dishwasher safe.




2. Can MAX Fan 6" - 334 CFM w/ Speed Control

Can MAX Fan

After what seemed like ages, someone finally figured out how to combine strength and silence in an inline fan. The result is the Can MAX Fan 6", perhaps the most advanced inline fan on the market. Boasting 334 CFM that can be dialed down to 264 CFM or 201 CFM using the built-in speed controller, the Can MAX Fan's Mixed Flow blade design is engineered to maintain high airflow when pushing or pulling through long and complicated duct runs. Lab tests show the Can MAX Fan 6" still generates 259 CFM even when attached to a filter and 25 feet of ducting. A winner in our customers' rankings of the best gardening products, the Can MAX Fan 6" is also extremely energy efficient, consuming just 70 watts at its highest setting.

The 6" model is the newest addition to the MAX Fan line, which includes 8", 10", 12" and 14" MAX Fans. Additionally, Can MAX Fans paired with Can Filters deliver true CFM ratings that let growers know exactly how much air is moving through their exhaust or odor control system.



1. Power Cloner by Botanicare

Redesigned Power Cloner

Aeroponic cloners are among the fastest and easiest ways to root cuttings, and Botanicare upped the ante this past year with the redesign of the Power Cloner series. Featuring

  • Low profile reservoirs with Water Volume Indicators
  • Internally seated tray
  • Drainage grid with a recessed pump
  • Customizable points for installation of spouts and fittings
  • Unique Cord Guide - For improved cord management

The Power Cloner lets growers quickly propagate a large number of plants in a small amount of space using a high-power submersible pump and microjet sprayers that promote rapid root development -- even with cuttings from trees.


2011 was definitely a year of advances for grow room tools and technology. We hope to see even more innovation in 2012.

Happy New Year!

  • Star

    The Can Max fans are truly awesome. I have 3. At full speed I registered 76 watts usage average, still very efficient compared to anything else, but at mid and low settings wattage’s dropped dramatically for even more savings. Fairly quiet, I built my own boxes for each to silence them even more, definitely consistent and reliable performance. I would use nothing else. 6″ are priced right for the basic home grow sized rooms. For the pricey items I can’t comment being they’re too extreme for me and most home growers wouldn’t buy them, but a friend of mine bought the Dust Shrooms and they did drop the cfm’s, not by much but enough. BGH and others should just come out with a thinner material one can secure over the intake, so the individual can decide how many layers of material to use. Plus the Shrooms as too pricey so I’d be surprised if they were actually selling that many. Good list though.

  • Ed McClure

    Water & nutrients and light, make it happen. Wanna be a god? Control tide, protein or “daylight”?   FIVE  letters, h y d r o.   U’ll get  “thank”  for  generation after    generation (cloning) if Ur plants could talk. With hydro, plant roots don’t spend time unnecessarily wandering  around looking for life support . Hydro takes care of that. LESS roots, MORE leaves. Also hydro means Ur plants can be fed gourmet meals. No more  spaghetti & rice dinners cause that’s all  the free food pantry is offering. And, inside hydro cultivation deters “Clip & Cruise” scenarios. There is now, soon to be halted, smash & grab starting with the Feds. Followed up by state and local badge buffoons that arrest a finely cultivated, hydroponically superior, facility. Remember this, marijuana is not a weed, it’s a plant. I’m not a drug dealer, I’m a Florist. rock- on

    • Star

      Nothing better than organic soil Ed. If hydro was “god” most medical marijuana growers would use it, most don’t. “Less roots more leaves.” Who in the hell wants more leaves? I want more buds, and that my friend requires ROOTS. A large root mass is the very key to bud yield. Not sure where you’re getting your info from. My girls eat better than yours. Peace puff puff pass.
      Oh, why did you even post here? This is a best new product review. I don’t see one mention of any of these products from you. For people’s opinions on how to grow I’ll go to the over-populated marijuana forums of which there are many. You might wanna head that way, Ed.

  • B

    Less roots lol that’s a good one. Hydro or soil it’s all about root mass both perform excellent in their own ways. I always offer the Pepsi challenge to people same strain one organic soil one hydro and in 10 years not one person has picked right always saying the best is the organic pointing to the hydro lol. So to each his own and if you don’t know don’t pretend