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BetterGrow Hydro and Living Lettuce Farms were recently featured in the Pasadena Weekly for a story about the benefits of hydroponics and its re-emergence in commercial farming and the farm-to-table movement.

David Goldman, the founder of both BGH and Living Lettuce Farms, a commercial gourmet hydroponic lettuce farm based in Reseda, Calif., spoke with the Weekly about how soilless growing techniques are fast becoming the cultivation method of choice for gourmet chefs and environmentally minded consumers who embrace the sustainability that hydroponics provides.

Goldman told the paper that hydroponics is taking on a larger role in the realm of commercial and hobby farming as more and more everyday gardeners and gourmands realize the nutritional and environmental benefits of soilless gardening.

“I think there was a big stigma that hydroponics was just used solely for growing indoors, and primarily for growing marijuana,” Goldman told the paper. “Also, a lot of consumers were under the impression that hydroponically grown produce didn’t have any flavor or nutritional value, that it just tasted like water. … The vegetables are tasting a lot better now, so I think a lot more people are getting into it.”

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