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New Product: APE 2.0 – Automated Pollen Extractor

The Agricultural Pollen Extractor 2.0. This is all that you need to get started harvesting pollen. Unrefined media is placed into the barrel and then into the machine. The results of the agitation process is refined product, which is deposited on to the tempered glass pull out catch tray for easy collection. The refining screen on the barrel can be quickly changed to outfit the machine for extraction of 220 micron sized particles and 180 micron sized particles (180 micron screen sold separately).

- APE polished aluminum housing
- Quick-fill barrel (160 gram capacity)
- Friction drive design
- Sealed ball bearings
- EZ access tempered glass catch tray
- Replaceable screen (220 micron)
- Overload protected motor. (120v 60Hz .57A)
- Weight: 21.2 lbs
- 2 year manufacturer's warranty


  • vijaya

    Nice Post. Hydro Extractors are machines which are used in textile processing industry & also Used in oil extraction. which are also called as a Centrifugal Hydro Extractor. The main theme of this hydro extractor machine is to separate the particles from their solutions in accord with the size, shape, density, rotor speed, etc.