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Finding The Right Fan To Air-Cool Your Lighting System

Need to cool that light down? Unsure what size fan to get? Following this general rule of thumb can help get you the best fan for the job:

For normal air-cooling situations you’ll need a fan that can create 150-200 cfm (cubic feet per minute) of air movement per light. For example, if you have two 1000 watt lighting systems running in-line, you’ll need a fan that moves approximately 400 cfm of air. Easy, right? Now, keep in mind that the best fans for this job are “centrifugal” fans (such as Can-Fan, Vortex) or better yet, the Can-Fan Max-Fan. Unlike other types of fans (such as “squirrel cage”, axial and in-line booster fans), centrifugal fans generate a lot more static pressure and move air more efficiently. Although other types of fans state that they move as much air as their centrifugal equivalents, their stated cfm ratings are given in “free air movement”; in other words, they will move the given volume of air if only if nothing is attached to them. As soon as you attach ducting, reflectors, etc. the cfm will decline sharply, making them a poor choice for air cooling, especially when multiple reflectors are being used.