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Deck The Walls (With Film That’s Shiny)

"Deck the walls with film that's shiny..."

Don't let this holiday season leave your garden unevenly lit! With great deals on reflective wall coverings at Bettergrow Hydro, it's easy to share some yuletide joy with your plants by increasing your light spread - without leaving your stocking full of coal.

Everyone knows that more light equals more growth. The indoor gardener is constantly faced with the challenge of trying to mimic the sun’s full spectrum and intensity with HID grow lights. An average gardener will put countless amounts of money and effort into their lighting setup to help them achieve higher yields. With the addition of reflective materials, a grower can utilize more of that light to increase their yields even more. We’ll go over reflective materials briefly to help you make the decision that best fits your garden, and your pocketbook.

Black & White Poly:
Also called Visqueen, Panda Film, Black-Out Plastic, etc. Black & White Poly is one of the original reflective materials. Black on one side and white on the other, it’s perfect for covering windows to block out light and for building temporary walls to section off your grow room. B/W Poly is available in 6 mil thickness, so it’s even heavy duty enough to put down on the floor of your garden to help protect the floor and bounce some light back up at the underside of your plants (give it a try; you’ll see the difference). It’s economical and comes in 10’x25’, 10’x50’ and 10’x100’ rolls, making it easy to find the right size for your set up.

Mylar has been one of the most popular reflective materials in our industry since it was first introduced many years ago. It’s silver finish claims to be 98% reflective and gives Mylar a mirror-like quality, which can lead to hot spots in it’s reflectance. It’s not light-tight, making it inadequate for building temporary walls or blocking out windows. At only 1 to 2 mil in thickness it’s pretty thin, making it difficult to deal with; it crinkles easily and the silver finish on it can flake off if handled too rough. Mylar is completely unwashable and wet spots simply turn into bigger spots if you try to wipe them down with any cleaners. However, Mylar is very cost effective and is available in two thicknesses (1 and 2 mil) and three lengths (25’, 50’ & 100’). If you’re on a strict budget, then Mylar is probably your best choice.

Easy Grow Lightite Films:
Easy Grow films have taken Mylar to the next level. With their Lightite line, Easy Grow utilizes a three part film design; two sheets of reflective material sandwiching a sheet of black-out film. This makes Easy Grow Lightite films 100% light tight, extremely durable and completely washable. Easy Grow’s Diamond Diffiusion foil utilizes a diamond pattern to diffuse the light out across your garden and dramatically eliminates hot spots. The Silver White Lightite film has a smooth finish, giving it a mirror like quality similar to Mylar. White Lightite is constructed of the same black-out film in between two white sheets. It’s extra durable and is perfect for covering windows, lining floors and ceilings and making temporary walls. Since it’s white on both sides, White Lightite can be easily reversed once normal wear and tear have taken their toll to double it’s life. All the Lightite films are 97% thermal blockers (100% if mounted one inch from wall surfaces) and are completely washable and reusable.

Easy Grow ECO Films:
Easy Grow has taken into mind those of us who don’t have bottomless pockets by offering all their great Lightite films in a less expensive incarnation. Easy Grow’s ECO films are made of a two film design by eliminating the black-out film in the middle. ECO films are available in Diamond Diffusion and Silver White and are completely washable and extreme durable. ECO films are not thermal blocking, though, due to the absence of the middle layer. Other than that, they are essentially identical to their more expensive counterparts.

ORCA Grow Film:
A true revolutionary product, ORCA Grow Film is unlike any other reflective material on the market. ORCA's patent pending white plastic microfiber structure effectively scatters light from highly reflective crystalline structures within the substrate, virtually eliminating hot spots. This microfiber structure provides 99% diffused reflectivity regardless of angle of light, much more than any other reflective material available. This allows ORCA to be hung in just about any direction or shape and will still provide your plants with extremely bright, diffused and useful light. ORCA is 94% reflective across the entire light spectrum (most films are only reflective in the lower wavelengths, so don’t let the 94% fool you) which means better quality reflectance for your garden. ORCA film is also thermally reflective so heat stays where it should be. ORCA is 11 mil thick, 54” wide and is available in 25’, 50’ & 100’ rolls. It’s the most expensive reflective film on the market, but you know the old saying - “you get what you pay for”!

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