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BGH’s Top 10 of 2010

#10 - ZHO Rhizosphere Root Inoculant

2010 is the year of the root zone. From air-pruning pots to microbial inoculants and compost teas, indoor gardeners everywhere are putting more time and effort into building a beneficial root zone to help push their plants to perform at their optimum levels. Botanicare’s ZHO Rhizosphere Root Inoculant is our favorite beneficial microbial colonizer. ZHO is a 100% water soluble and proprietary blend of Mycorrhizae and Trichoderma fungi. ZHO allows you to build an effective microbial system that will help increase rooting and overall root mass, nutrient uptake, soil structure, and can help dissolve elements that are more difficult for your plants to use in their natural state. Unlike other rhizosphere inoculants, ZHO contains special amino acids that intensifies the root zone activity ignited by ZHO.

#9 - SNS Pest Control Products

2010 saw a newcomer in the pest control world - Sierra Natural Sciences. SNS offers up all-natural biodegradable pest control solutions in three options. SNS217 is their spider mite control spray. Available in a concentrate or ready to use (RTU) spray, SNS217 is a 100% pure rosemary oil botanical extract spray. However, unlike other botanical sprays we have tried in the past, SNS actually works. SNS244 is their fungicide formulation made from 100% pure thyme oil botanical extract. SNS203 is a unique soil drench formula made from pure rosemary and clove oil botanical extract. SNS203 is perfect for root aphids, thrips, fungus gnats, and most other garden pests that live above and below the soil line. SNS203 can be used as a soil drench or a topical spray and is available in a concentrate form. SNS products are all natural and can be safely used on plants up to harvest. Finally, an all-natural pesticide that is as effective as a conventional chemical pesticide.

#8 - Hanna HI 9813-6N

Hanna, a long time recognized leader in analytical instruments, has reinvented their extremely popular HI 9813-6 pH/EC/TDS/Temp handheld meter as the HI 9813-6N. With the “-6N”, Hanna made some drastic upgrades over the previous models in the HI 9813 line. The most noticeable is the extremely large display which makes reading the meter a cinch. The screen is even so big that there’s enough room for calibration instructions to appear on the display! Speaking of calibration, it’s never been easier with the “-6N”. Simply turn one of the two appropriate dials on the front of the meter with the probe in the proper calibration solution and you’re set. There’s also Hanna’s unique Cal-Check system, all you need to do is place the probe in Cal-Check solution and the meter will let you know what is out of calibration. Keeping an eye on the balance of your reservoir has never been so easy! All Hanna meters feature a 1-year warranty on the meter and 6 months on the electrode. And, you’ll never need to wait for repair work to be done with Hanna. If your Hanna meter ever stops working properly within the warranty period, simply return it to BGH and we’ll replace it with a brand new unit.

#7 - Orca Films

Not all black & white sheeting are created equal, and Orca Film is the absolute proof. Orca Film is the most reflective material on the market - period! We tested it against Mylar using a Hanna Digital Light Meter and found that it was literally twice as reflective - unbelievable! Orca Film’s microfiber construction effectively scatters light from highly reflective crystalline structures within the film. These microfibers are naturally diffused and lend to Orca’s extremely high reflective and ultra-matte surface. Orca boasts a 94% reflectivity across the full visible light spectrum opposed to most reflective films which fail to reflect light in the higher wavelengths. Orca provides 99% diffused reflection, reflecting light evenly regardless of the angle of the incoming light. This totally eliminates hot spots and also allows the film to not need to be hung flat. At 11 mil thick, Orca is thermally reflective, 100% light tight, waterproof and completely cleanable. It’s also won’t yellow due to prolonged UV exposure and is completely recyclable. Orca Grow Film, a high performance reflective L.E.D. microfiber wall covering, and one of BGHydro’s TOP 10 of 2010.

#6 - Easy Grow Films

You’ll never want to use regular Mylar again after you put any of the Easy Grow brand reflective films up on your walls. Available in several different styles so you can pick the reflective material that’s best for your garden and best for your pocket book. All of Easy Grow’s Lightite line of films are made using a three-part design where black-out material is sandwiched  between two sheets of white or PET (polyethylene terephtalate/Mylar) reflective material making it 100% light tight, highly durable and 100% washable. The Lightite Diamond Diffusion Foil utilizes a diamond pattern stamped into the PET cover with white on the reverse. The Diamond pattern scatters the light reflection, causing the light to become more diffused, which enables it to illuminate a larger area while eliminating hot spots. Lightite Silver White Sheeting uses a smooth PET film on one side and white film on the reverse to give you direct light reflectance and a mirror like covering. White Lightite is made from two sheets of white reflective material with a sheet of black plastic sandwiched in between. Easy Grow now offers Diamond Diffusion and Silver White in an economical two sheet design as well eliminating the blackout film in the middle but still maintaining the high durability and washability of the Lightite line. Eco films are great for covering solid walls and other applications where being 100% light tight isn’t a concern, making them the perfect replacement for Mylar. In addition, most Easy Grow products are now available in three sizes - 25’, 50’ and 100’; all rolls are 100’ long.

#5 - Dust Shrooms

Tired of cleaning dust and dirt out of the insides of your air-cooled housing? Want to prevent your intake fan from pulling in mold spores and bugs from outside? If so, the Dust Shroom is the answer for you. The Dust Shroom from Horti-Control is a reusable foam filter element designed to keep dust, dirt, bugs, mold, bacteria and more out of indoor gardening areas and air-cooled reflectors. Unlike paper HEPA filters, the Dust Shroom is completely reusable, cleanable and extremely durable. Horti-Control teamed up with UNI Filter, the world leader in reusable automotive & racing foam filters, to design a filter for indoor gardeners. Dust Shrooms are available in 4”, 6” and 8” duct sizes and come pre-oiled and ready to install!

#4 - Gnatrol WDG

Got Gnats? A common indoor pest, gnats are mostly harmless yet extremely annoying small black flying insects that are attracted to moist growing mediums and still bodies of water (read: wet rockwool, coco, soil, etc. as well as reservoirs). Gnat larvae live in the root zone and mostly feed on dead root matter. However, if the infestation is advanced and it turns out you have fungus gnats then they can start to have negative effects on your plants. But how do you fight them? Sticky traps don’t cut the mustard, and since they live in the soil, topical sprays won’t take care of the problem either. That’s where Gnatrol WDG comes into play. Gnatrol WDG is a water soluble granulate that is made up of a particular strain of larvicidal bacteria that goes to work dissolving the gnats and larvae from the inside out after the bug has ingested it. Gnatrol was formerly available as a liquid form. In 2010, Gnatrol was reformulated as a water soluble which doubles the shelf life, makes it easier and more accurate to measure, and costs much less to ship! So, if you have gnats going into 2011, get Gnatrol WDG, one of our Top 10 of 2010!

#3 - Can MAX Fan

Can MAX Fans are not necessarily new to 2010, but since we know these are simply the best fans on the market, we thought we would use the recent release of the 6” MAX Fan to their line-up as an “excuse” to include them in our Top 10 of 2010. MAX Fans, the leading name in mixed-flow in-line fan technology in our industry, are extremely energy efficient fans that easily outperform centrifugal fans of the same size. MAX Fans utilize an aerodynamically optimized airflow which helps them run quieter than other fans, as well as significantly reducing the amount of electricity used when compared to a comparable centrifugal fan. They also generate far more static pressure than conventional fans, which means they can easily handle the back pressure generated by carbon filters and long duct runs and force more air through them. The 6” MAX Fan generates 334 CFM and comes with a built in three-stage dimmer switch allowing you to customize your fan speed to your particular setup. MAX fans are easy to mount, light weight and cost less to ship! Available in just about every size possible – 8”, 10”, 12”, 14”, 16”, 18”, 20” and now 6” – the MAX Fan is one of our top 10 choices for 2010.

#2 - Lumatek High PAR Lamps

Lumatek, the long-time world leader in digital grow light ballasts, released their new line of High PAR bulbs in 2010, and we love them! Designed by the world’s leading HID lamp engineers, these lamps provide exceptional performance on both magnetic and electronic ballasts. 100% European engineered and manufactured, Lumatek’s High-PAR output lamps deliver an optimized spectrum and high level of PAR (Photosynthetic Active Radiation) light to promote healthy plant growth. As more and more indoor gardeners realize that lumens are an ineffective and inaccurate measurement of a bulb’s effectiveness toward plant growth, more focus has been put on PAR light by bulb manufacturers. PAR, in essence, is a measurement of plant usable light, and Lumatek made high PAR levels the primary goal in developing their new line of bulbs. Available in 1000 watt HPS, 600 watt HPS and 400 watt HPS, Lumatek High PAR lamps are the perfect addition to your fruiting and flowering lighting program. Put these lamps up against any other enhanced lamps currently on the market and you will see that they perform spectacularly. And since they’re made by Lumatek, you know they are compatible with digital ballasts, although they will perform just as good in conventional magnetic ballasts as well.

#1 - Root Master Pots

Air pruning containers have been a hot topic in 2010, and we here at BGHydro have a favorite in the air pruning pot realm - Root Masters! Root Master pots are available in three different incarnations; RootMakers, RootBuilders and RootTrappers. Root Master Pots help create a fibrous, non-circulating root system that promotes vertical and horizontal branching. A fibrous root system means greater root tip surface area and translates into greater efficiency in the absorption of water and nutrients; an increase in growth rate, establishment and vigor; higher transplant survivability and ultimately, superior performance and production from your plants. If you haven’t done so yet, do yourself a favor and try Gro Pro Root Master Pots today. I know you’re thinking, “it’s just an expensive pot!”, but you will be shocked to see how much better your plants grow and, most importantly, yield. They will pay for themselves several times over on the first harvest alone!

There you have it, BGH’s First Annual Top 10 Products of the Year.  We can’t wait to see what 2011 has in store - see you next year!

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