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Deep Water Madness

Deep Water Culture is a very simple Hydroponic system where your root system is submerged in your nutrient solution with an air pump creating oxygen for the root zone.  This was the first system I ever used and although it sounds simple, I was unaware of the many problems this type of system was to present me with. I used organic nutrients mixed with synthetic which was my first mistake.  Anaerobic bacteria was growing my reservoirdue to me mixing a microbial compost tea with a sugar based product. Also reservoir temperature control is a must, if it gets too warm many things can happen such as root rot etc.  In Deep Water Culture Systems it is important to keep the temperature of the nutrient solution low and to use a clean synthetic nutrient regiment.

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    I have set up my own deep water culture system.I have four 5 gallon sites, 11/2" i.d. lines and a 500gph mag drive pump.The system is not running very well.Do I need a specific type of pump to deal with the negative back pressure?

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